Standard Small Mask


Our standard small mask is good for women and teenagers or people with smaller faces or noses. This mask comes with adjustable supports and a head band. You can remove or change it any way you wish to fit your activities.

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Standard Small Mask

• Great for airplane flights or long term use.
• Have fog free glasses.
• Fits most adult males or larger sized faces and noses.
• 0.3 micron protection with medical grade sterile wrap
• Made with skin soft hypo-allergenic silicone to fit your face comfortably
• Large filter surface makes it easy to breathe and filters all day long
• Reusable! Stop throwing out masks. This mask is fully washable and our testing shows the last well over 6 months.
• A better fitting mask gets worn more and contaminated less because it is touched less often.
• Adjustable straps and head support included (no rubbing your ears!)

3 reviews for Standard Small Mask

  1. mmadmin

    “Makery Mask allows me to safely prepare food without touching or re-adjusting the mask” – Care Home Cook

  2. mmadmin

    “I appreciate the non-slip comfort of my Makery Mask under my brimmed hat as I dig, sweat and teach planting and composting to children and seniors.” – Service Learning Gardener

  3. mmadmin

    “During a busy day, it’s reassuring to be able to quickly and easily clean my Makery Mask.” – Early Childhood Teacher

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