The concept of the Makery is to bring technology to students via hands on learning. Students learn though building things that interest them. We offer a wide variety of activities from making engravings to full CNC and 3d modeling.

Recently due to the pandemic, we have switched to producing masks of our own design because we were concerned with the extremely limited medical resources and the difficulty of getting quality PPE (masks) to the front line workers and general public.

Our remote location was the impetus to develop a reusable mask that outperformed homemade cloth masks and were more comfortable to wear than mass manufactured masks.

The Makery, Hilo Hawai’i

Dr. Neil Scott has been working all of his life engineering solutions for a wide variety of problems. Creating lifelong skills and knowledge for students of all abilities. The 2020 pandemic has forced the Makery to downsize facilities and close the gallery permanently, however we continue to provide services to the community and build STEM skills for everyone.

Here’s a short video from 2015 about some of the pre-pandemic activities and the old gallery.


We could really use your support to help with our educational programs and to recover from the pandemic losses. Anything would be greatly appreciated.