Breathe Easy – A Modern Mask

Made in Hawai’i

When the SARS-CoV-2 virus started to spread, Hawai’i locked down to prevent illnesses from overwhelming our limited medical facilities. However this put our supply chain at risk. The Makery Hilo shifted from artisan crafts to producing a new type of PPE, locally sourced comfortable masks that are superior to cloth alternatives and more comfortable.

Need to Make Masks?

Much of the world is isolated like Hawai’i from production centers and high technology areas. We have developed techniques that will allow small shops to produce quality, comfortable and well protecting reusable masks. We have not patented our proprietary techniques and chose to use a Creative Commons license to allow production almost anywhere in the world with our assistance.

Why a Makery Mask?

Fogged glasses? Mask slipping down? Hot while wearing your mask? Muffled speech? These things are all solved with the Makery Mask in addition to excellent filtration and re-usability. We had a long list of goals to create a new mask and it took us almost a year of design and evaluation to create the Makery Mask.